Full Body Cardio Circuit & No Equipment Necessary!…

Here is a great cardio circuit combining both upper and lower body exercises. You can even take this workout outdoors and perform it with no equipment necessary! Stick around and watch the end of the video for demo’s/substitutions without equipment.

Repeat the workout 3-4 times. Great for toning, building lean muscle tissue, and getting your heart rate up!

Enjoy your workout!


Holy injury, Batman!…

I just happened to come across this and found that I was sitting there with my mouth hanging open in complete shock watching some of these athletes.  Where are their trainers!???  And if they don’t have one they absolutely need one to show them proper form and to keep them safe from injury.  I’m not putting up this video to point and laugh-although at 4:18 I realized I thought I’d seen it all but I was wrong-I’m putting it up to show how important it is to know what you’re doing and if you don’t, educate yourself!

Also…I disagree with these guys that this is CrossFit and highly doubt that every clip we see here is from a CrossFit gym.  This can pertain to any type of sport or program.

Shoulders, Tiny Waists, and Drop Sets-Oh My!…

I love training shoulders because there are a variety of ways to mix up exercises to keep your deltoids on their toes!  Deltoids are a very important part to a person’s physique. Broader shoulders are the perfect compliment to a bigger chest on a man, giving him the coveted V-taper.

GSP (Georges St. Pierre rocks an amazing pair of shoulders, giving him a solid V-Taper from shoulders to waist)

On a woman, a defined pair of shoulders can actually make her waist look smaller and is the perfect accessory to that little black dress!

(Francisca Dennis-does anyone have a better set of shoulders than she?????)



In my video, I show you a variety of different exercises and you have many different options in performing them.  You can perform them traditionally with 3 sets of 10-12 reps.  You can superset them, performing 2 of the exercises back to back without rest. You can perform them in a circuit format, chosing 4-5 exercises and throwing in short bursts of cardio between sets.  For example, you can perform 12 reps of military press immediately followed by a minute of jumprope.  Quickly move on to lateral raises followed again by jumprope or running stairs.  Continue until all 4-5 exercises have been completed.  Repeat for 3 total sets with a 2 minute break in between.  This will really fatigue your shoulders and help to burn fat and build up more lean muscle tissue.

You can also perform a drop set.  A drop set is typically used on your last set of an exercise when you can no longer lift the weight you are lifting.  Just because you can not lift anymore weight does not mean your muscle is completely cashed.  It means that you have exhausted some muscle fibers, but not all.  You can still engage the muscle fibers by lifting a weight that is slightly lighter than the weight you just lifted.  Let’s say you are on your final set of military press using 30 lb dumbbells.  On your last couple of reps you are completely exhausted.  Put the weight down and immediately pick up a pair of 2o lb dumbbells and do as many reps as you can until you can’t do anymore.  Immediately put the weight down and then pick up a pair of 15 lb weights and go until fatigue.  The purpose is to continue dropping about 3-4 times and moving IMMEDIATELY to the next drop set.  If rest time is given then the drop set is pointless.

Baby Got Back!…

“I like big butts and I can not lie. You other brothers can’t deny, that when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face you get sprung!”  Well, you get the gist.  Men like tiny waists and shapely booties, and you won’t find us girls complaining about a nice firm behind on our men!

As women, we usually have two main target areas: bellies and bums.  And most men tend to neglect the muscles of the bum, concentrating more on the muscles of the legs such as the hamstrings and quads.  The muscles that are located in your behind are called the gluteals.  There are actually three muscles that compose this powerhouse muscle group: The gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus, and the gluteus medius. The glutes are actually the largest muscle group in your body.  This is due to the functions that the glutes provide such as running, jumping, walking, walking stairs, turning from side to side, sitting, stability, posture, and the list goes on and on.  It doesn’t make sense to ignore this muscle group, or to not put it on your top priority list in your training.

In this video I demonstrate a glute workout with options that you can do in your home without any equipment.  I am going to warn you that some of these exercises may seem a bit strange and may seem like I need to rent a room for myself…I don’t suggest dropping to the ground and doing these in public.  But, they are strictly glute focused, with the exception of the squats.

If you chose to use no equipment, believe me, you are still going to get a good butt-focused workout.  Just make sure to really focus on squeezing the glute and performing the exercise to failure, which may require you to do more than 10-12 reps.

Some of these exercises I was doing for years, but after coming across an article a little over a year ago, I read some pretty interesting information on exercises that really only focus on glute activiation, rather than hamstring and quad.

Give this glute workout a try!  You can also turn it into a butt-blasting circuit…follow the instructions at the beginning of the video.  And share it with your friends!  This is one you have no excuse not to do!

And I’ll put this directly on MY WORKOUT page under LOWER BODY & CIRCUITS for future reference.


Create Your Own Arm Workout…

In this video I put together 8 Bicep and Tricep Supersets.  The first 4 supersets only require you to have a dumbbell.  The last 4 need a little more equipment.  Pick 4-5 supersets and either perform them traditionally, with 3 sets of 10 reps of each.  Or perform it as a circuit, going through each superset once with no rest between sets.  Once you have gone through all of your supersets, return to the beginning and go through it 2-3 more times for an arm-exhausting circuit!

If you need further explanation of the exercises, go to “MY WORKOUT” page and under UPPER BODY exercises you will find a longer video with demos, along with this one.

Go get strong arms!


CrossFit Circuit attempt #3…

I just love this workout I talked about in my previous post “Doesn’t even compare to a 10 Mile Run or all out 200 yard Sprint!…”!  This is the third time I’ve done it, and I am already seeing improvements.  I can last longer while performing reps, which means I will able to increase the weight very soon.

I now do 75lbs on bench, 125lbs on squats, and 45 lbs on Clean & Press.  If you’re looking for a routine that will allow you to lift heavy and kick your butt on cardio, all in a short period of time, this circuit is definitely for you.  Here is the info from my previous post on where I found this circuit and how to perform it-the video below was recorded on my last set.


Ronda Rousey at her Finest…

Check out her video from the 2012 ESPN Body Issue.  She looks amazing!  Healthy, strong, and solid…not airbrushed to look like she could fall through a crack in the floor…

Doesn’t even compare to a 10 Mile Run or all out 200 yard Sprint!…

I’ve been looking for some new ways to incorporate cardio training into my workouts besides running and ellipticals.  I have many different circuits in my bag of cardio ideas (all of which are on my workout page), but I have really been searching for something different.

On top of that, I’ve been switching things up and making my workouts a little more intense…less rest between sets, more weight, supersets, incorporating bursts of cardio between sets, etc. But, yesterday after reading a blog from Follow the Lita, I found this little workout that kicked my ass and I loved it!

Dana Linn Bailey has started using some CrossFit workouts in her training and her video can be seen here.  She is a monster and the video is extreme motivation to get you into the gym and workout hard.

The workout consists of 3 exercises:  Bench Press, Squats, Clean & Press.   You are to do 20 reps of each exercise to utter failure with no rest in between.  A 2 minute break is given after one complete set of all 3 exercises.  Your goal is to complete this 3-5 times.

I never do bench press.  I used 65lbs.  I can and will do more weight the next time I perform this set.  I currently have a semi-neck-injury preventing me from using the Olympic bar during squats.  I used 50lb dumbbells instead.  I used the Olympic bar at 45lbs for Clean & Press, an exercise I have not performed since 2001 when I was on the Track & Field team in college.  My video was recorded on my 4th set of this CrossFit circuit.

A few things to consider…you are performing 20 reps.  This is extremely different than performing 8-12 reps.  You will use lighter weight than you are used to, but you should be completely exhausted and practically shaking (as you can see here in Dana’s video) because this is a circuit that combines great strength and cardio.  Always keep your back flat on the bench and feet planted when performing bench press.  And start out a little lighter if you need to gauge your strength on your first set.  As you can see in Dana’s video, 20 reps do not have to be completely consecutive…if you fatigued, put the weight down for a few seconds and continue as needed until you hit 20 reps.  And grab a friend, because you may need a spotter depending on the equipment you decide to use!




Glutes Gone Wild @ T-Nation…

I have been looking for some ways to spruce up my glute focused workout, but nothing has seemed to work exactly the way I want it.  I love the site T-Nation and found some good ways to change up exercises I already do now on their site.  I will perform this workout next week, so I will let you know how it went.  I have not had sore glutes in about 6 months and I truly miss that can’t-sit-down-on-the-toilet-for-2-days feeling!

T-Nation Glutes Gone Wild

Have you been paying attention to your Abs?…

I’ve been looking around for some new abdominal workouts and I’ve found one that I really enjoy doing and it kicks my butt at the same time.  It’s a fairly long ab workout, which I was trying to avoid, but it incorporates a good variety of moves targeting all areas of the abdominal muscles.  So far I have been doing this workout twice a week and because it is a longer circuit, I have decided to perform the circuit on days where my lift workout is not quite as long in duration as others. One day of which is strictly my cardio day, so I focus on just this routine before hitting the pavement.  The other day is strictly a lift day without cardio, so I will perform this ab circuit after completing my lift routine for the day.

It does require some equipment, although there are definite ways to modify.  An olympic bar, stability ball, weight stack, and abdominal bench are needed.  If you do not have access to these pieces of equipment, still read on and watch the video.  You can modify the olympic bar with any heavy piece of equipment that you can hold in both hands.  A stability ball is no more than $20 at Target.  The weight stack you can replace with either heavy ankle weights or placing a dumbbell between both ankles while performing a laying leg raise.  And you don’t absolutely have to have a bench.  You can perform that particular exercise on the floor, or on the stability ball which will allow your body to decline almost as much as the abdominal bench…you may need something to secure your feet under if holding a heavy weight.

Here is the video for HD Abs and I will also post this on My Workout page under Abdominal Exercises.

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