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You CAN do a Filthy 50 workout in your home with limited equipment! A friend of mine is looking for circuits that incorporate cardio (without having to get on a treadmill for 30 minutes) that she can do in her home with her kids in the room. I suggested the Filthy 50. She gave it a try and said even though it was super intense, it was a great workout.

Here are the modifications you can make allowing you to do it in your home with limited equipment, all while still getting a great cardio workout.

Equipment needed: chair, resistance band, one single weight, stability ball, ball the size of a volleyball.

Exercises for Filthy 50:
50 box jumps 24 inch height
50 jumping pull ups
50 kettlebell swings 25lbs
50 walking lunges (knee to floor)
50 knees to elbows
50 push press (45 lbs)
50 back extensions
50 wall ball shots
50 burpees
50 double unders

You can substitute box jumps with jumps/step ups on a sturdy chair. I used to do this during part of my plyo workout before I had a plyo box.

Substitute jumping pull-ups with pulling a resistance band down towards you. Strap it around a railing or any horizontal fixture and pull the handles towards your shoulders.

For kettlebell swings just use one single weight. If you do not have weights you can get creative by filling an empty milk jug with water or something heavy. Duct tape the cap SECURELY on to the top of the bottle. Think this is a joke? Robert Kennedy, the late publisher of Oxygen Magazine, wrote an article about how he concocted his own weights in his younger years in order to get stronger!

Knees to elbow is an abdominal movement that incorporates a good deal of grip strength. You can lay on your back and do abdominal toe touches to substitute for this movement. You can also do V sits.

To make a substitution for push press you may have to do some hunting around your house. You can use a folding chair or even a small ladder. Or a broomstick. You can even take 2 liters of pop, holding one in each hand, pushing them up. As long as your weight is evenly distributed in each hand, you’ll be good to go.

To substitute back extensions all you need is a stability ball. You can do your basic back extension on a stability ball. Or sub with superman stretch.

The last substitution would be for wall balls. Hold any object/ball in your hand, squat down holding it at chest level, as you stand back up from your squat push the ball/object over head and repeat.

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