Shoulders, Tiny Waists, and Drop Sets-Oh My!…

I love training shoulders because there are a variety of ways to mix up exercises to keep your deltoids on their toes!  Deltoids are a very important part to a person’s physique. Broader shoulders are the perfect compliment to a bigger chest on a man, giving him the coveted V-taper.

GSP (Georges St. Pierre rocks an amazing pair of shoulders, giving him a solid V-Taper from shoulders to waist)

On a woman, a defined pair of shoulders can actually make her waist look smaller and is the perfect accessory to that little black dress!

(Francisca Dennis-does anyone have a better set of shoulders than she?????)


In my video, I show you a variety of different exercises and you have many different options in performing them.  You can perform them traditionally with 3 sets of 10-12 reps.  You can superset them, performing 2 of the exercises back to back without rest. You can perform them in a circuit format, chosing 4-5 exercises and throwing in short bursts of cardio between sets.  For example, you can perform 12 reps of military press immediately followed by a minute of jumprope.  Quickly move on to lateral raises followed again by jumprope or running stairs.  Continue until all 4-5 exercises have been completed.  Repeat for 3 total sets with a 2 minute break in between.  This will really fatigue your shoulders and help to burn fat and build up more lean muscle tissue.

You can also perform a drop set.  A drop set is typically used on your last set of an exercise when you can no longer lift the weight you are lifting.  Just because you can not lift anymore weight does not mean your muscle is completely cashed.  It means that you have exhausted some muscle fibers, but not all.  You can still engage the muscle fibers by lifting a weight that is slightly lighter than the weight you just lifted.  Let’s say you are on your final set of military press using 30 lb dumbbells.  On your last couple of reps you are completely exhausted.  Put the weight down and immediately pick up a pair of 2o lb dumbbells and do as many reps as you can until you can’t do anymore.  Immediately put the weight down and then pick up a pair of 15 lb weights and go until fatigue.  The purpose is to continue dropping about 3-4 times and moving IMMEDIATELY to the next drop set.  If rest time is given then the drop set is pointless.

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