My hope is that this blog will reach friends, family, friends of friends, and friends of family that are interested in and need an outlet to talk about health, wellness, fitness, and spirituality.  If no one reads it, then it is a journal for myself that I am sharing with cyberspace.
I crave exercise and love the endorphin rush that a great physical workout creates…I live for that feeling where nothing exists around you.  You only feel yourself.  Your mind projects clarity.  You hear nothing around you except your thoughts and breaths.  You only think about how indestructible you are.  I love it!  Most people have no idea what I am describing here.  Those that do, understand.
I’m hoping that we can share what we do to stay fit, mentally strong, and spiritually sound.
My background…I have been active ever since I can remember.  Climbing trees, playing softball, riding my bike into brick walls (we all need a little excitement); Track & Field, Bowling, dance; Bikram Yoga; cardio-craver; weight training, strength training, circuit training; anything I can get my hands on.
I’m a high school Physical Education teacher…yes, PE.  I am not a gym teacher.  I do not teach about the construction of gymnasiums.  I teach the importance of  how to stay active and fit at your own individual need for a lifetime…Physical Education.  I have a bachelor’s degree and over 60 credit hours in Physical Education, Wellness, and Health classes (plus a masters in educational administration-wish I went another route on that one).  I truly just enjoy and live for that sweat-dripping-I-can-barely-move-the-next-day workout.


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