Partner Workout with Solo Modification:12/14/15



Partner WOD

Grab a partner for this one!


My Workout:

8 Rounds (4 Rounds Each) (I did 105#)

3 Cleans

3 Thrusters

10 Box Jumps

15 Push Ups

30 Double Unders


Partner 1 does all of the movements. Both partners do double unders together. Partner 2 then does 1 full round, and both partners do double unders together. Alternate rounds until 8 rounds are complete, 4 rounds each. Double unders are always done together. Weight should be very heavy as this is why it is set at 3 reps for the weight movements.



If using a barbell, but heavy is not an option, do the same movements but change reps from 3 to 10.

If using dumbbells, keep all movements the same, but change cleans to shrugs and do dumbbell thrusters.

Change box jumps to step ups.

Push ups can be done using any modification.

Double Unders to 60 singles.



4 Rounds

No rest between reps-unless absolutely needed, then 30 sec to 1 minute break.

Use any modifications above.



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