Workout 12/6/15


My Workout:


Worked on Cleans, then:


5 Rounds:

4 Thrusters 105#/155#

12 Toes to Bar

200m sprint

Do movements consecutively, with little rest between sets/reps and weight should be challenging.



No Clean Work

Thrusters sub with:

-Thrusters, but use free weights in place of Olympic Bar and increase the reps (you want this to be challenging…heavy weight & less reps or light weight and more reps…don’t exceed 12 reps for this workout)


Toes to Bar sub with:

Knees to Elbows




200m Sprint sub with:

-200m of any cardio machine

-30-40 second sprint of any form of cardio

-30-40 seconds of high knees or jumprope

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