Where are we headed?

This is completely off par from what my blog page is intended for, but watching the news coverage early this morning of what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary I heard a reporter say that teachers need to be teaching more morals and values in our schools.  Me, being an educator, had heard enough. 

Did anyone ever think of the idea that teaching good morals and values and loving one another and respecting people regardless of their differences should be taught at home by the parents?  I am a parent, a social worker, a psychologist, a security guard, a babysitter, and if I have time left in the day I am then a teacher.  We have people killing teachers and kids in schools, in hospitals, and in random homes.  We have parents killing their own children in the most heinous ways imaginable.  Men are getting pushed in front of trains.  Violent mob action attacks on random people in Chicago on very congested street corners.  Strings of vicious rape attacks in the city. Dozens of kids attacked at school by a man wielding a knife.  I don’t know what the answer is, but I do know it starts at home and it doesn’t seem as if that is happening.  We give birth to our children and are rushed back to work immediately, unable to bond with our children like we should.  We have children having children.  We have TV shows, songs, videos, and video games that express violence, bullying, and sexual encounters with everyone & anyone as being glorified.  As a nation we can control some of these things.  As parents we can do even more.  I’m sick of hearing gun control and I’m sick of hearing teachers need to save the world.  Everyone needs to do their part.  

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