Muscle Weighs More than Fat

This, simply, is not true.  In a general statement, how can muscle weigh more than fat?  Doesn’t it depend on how much muscle is being compared to how much fat?  If you compare one pound of muscle to one pound of fat, you have… pound.  It’s like saying a 1lb bucket of screws weighs more than a 1lb bucket of feathers.  They both are a pound, but you need more feathers to equal that pound.

Which brings up the key difference between the two:  Fat takes up a larger area of space.  Whereas muscle is more dense, allowing it to be compacted more within the body.  When you compare a pound of fat to a pound of muscle, the pound of fat looks much larger than the pound of muscle, but they are still both a pound.  It’s almost like saying a balloon must weigh more than a tennis ball because its overall volume is bigger.  But, we all know that is not true.  It would take many more balloons to equal one pound than it would tennis balls.

Take two women who both weight 145lbs.  One woman has a body fat of 20% and another of 45%.  Which woman would appear to be larger?  The woman with 45% body fat because her body is composed of more body fat than muscle and fat takes up more space within the body.  The woman with 20% body fat has more lean tissue (muscle) which can be compacted tighter within the body.

-Ronda Rousey is one of this years most popular female MMA fighters. She fights at 146 lbs, and most likely walks around heavier (I’m not 100% sure what she walks around at). As you can see she doesn’t “look” like your average 5’6, 150lb woman.






Thought this was for the novice athlete :O

I came across this circuit a while ago and thought that it was for newbies.  When I saw the section on walking lunges, I wanted something more challenging.  I decided to give it a try, going through the circuit three times, taking about a minute and a half rest between one complete circuit for water.

This circuit is a great body weight circuit, requiring no equipment and very little space.  If space is limited the only part that might need to be changed is the walking lunges, which could simply be changed to a basic lunge.  What I like about this circuit is that it is more cardio than anything.  I haven’t strapped on a heart rate monitor yet, but your heart rate is definitely getting up there.  It is nice to throw this in the cardio mix every once and a while.

I decided to give this circuit a try with some of my students and they did amazing.  They made it through the entire circuit three times.  The encouragement they provided for each other was incredible.  I wish I was able to video tape it.  And those walking lunges I thought were going to be way too easy……they definitely came in handy!  Even my students were yelling “break time!” during this part as it was the short period of time in the circuit where you could catch your breath!


Jennifer Ennis-British Track & Field Athlete

Jennifer Ennis, an Olympic athlete, has insecurities, too.  She looks awesome!!!

I think she looks pretty damn good.  We all have our insecurities.  Keep airbrushing already thin models in magazines, though…that should help.



Had to put this one up…love how her quad pops from behind.


My Desktop Picture

Lindsay Messina for a little motivation…I love this pic!


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