Fitness Myths…

Some good stuff in this article.  I’ve heard these topics tossed around often.  Some of my students have asked me about some of these myths because this is what they have been taught.


20 Fitness Myths Slideshow


We’ll see how this goes…

I hate Facebook and Myspace (even though I had/have my own accounts) and I’m a pretty private person, yet here I am.  I’ve had about 2 weeks off for Christmas break and decided it’s time to start spending my time how I would like to.  The majority of my day is not very riveting, as the majority of us would probably say.  I need an outlet!!!

I’m using this blog to post my workouts and activities that I do to stay fit and mentally/spiritually strong.  I will post links to my favorite fitness sites and will eventually post videos of some of my workouts.  I’m hoping that someone out there will come across this and share their fitness world with me!  🙂

Bare with me, as I have no idea about technology and it took me a few hours just to get to this first post.  This blog will also be a great way for me to become friends with technology, as I hate it.

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